Wednesday, August 05, 2020
Home About Lot Quote For Builders For Home Owners Lot or Not? Recent Lot Sales Testimonials Contact is the best place to shop your lot or older South Bay home to developers in order to recieve several competing proposals. In this manner, you can be assured of achieving the highest price for your property with the least hassle.

There will be no need to prepare your property for sale as the builder will purchase your property "AS-IS", with little or no commissions or closing costs, depending on circumstances.

This will eliminate the need for costly repairs and termite work, and your valuable time will not be wasted with open houses, inspections, phone calls, etc.  

If you're not sure if it makes more sense to sell your home to a developer or market it to conventional buyers, click here. can help you make that determination, drawing on over 25 years of local real estate sales experience. will:  

1) Determine the value of your lot using recent land value sales as a guide.  

2) Shop your lot to a large group of builders. Multiple offers from a group of competing builders will ensure that you get top dollar for your property. Depending on circumstances, you may pay no real estate commissions, brokerage fees, or closing costs!

3) Negotiate the best price and terms with the builder. Escrows can be long or short, and possession can be negotiable as well. Sellers can often remain in the property at no cost after the sale closes.  

4) Follow through during the escrow process to ensure a smooth closing.  

5) If necessary, can evaluate your property to determine whether you will net the most money by selling to a builder or to a conventional buyer. If your home ends up being worth more if it's sold to conventional buyers, can suggest ways to get your property looking its best, help price it properly, and market it in a way that exposes it to the entire marketplace, thus ensuring top dollar for you. = Highest Price, Least Hassle for your Lot.  

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